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Ryan Hartwig presenting at AmpFest 2020 on October 10, 2020 with Zach Vorhies and Zachary McElroy, other Big Tech whistleblowers.

In the last year Facebook has come under attack from both sides of the political spectrum. Conservatives claim they are being censored whilst Liberals claim Facebook isn’t doing enough to censor hate speech and extremism.

I worked as a content moderator at Cognizant on behalf of Facebook for nearly 2 years. What I noticed is that many types of political discourse and election materials were being monitored and censored. Regardless of your ideology, we need to realize that demanding more censorship from Facebook is a slippery slope that can be weaponized by whoever holds the reigns of power.

The same week that I went public as a whistleblower at Facebook on June 25th, 2020, there was a massive call for a boycott against Facebook. Many advertisers claim Facebook wasn’t doing enough to bar hateful content in ads. This was part of the #StopHateForProfit boycott campaign…

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Facebook Insider Ryan Hartwig

I was a content moderator for Facebook and over the course of nearly two years, I noticed countless examples of bias and political censorship that were given as directives as well as being built into the policy.

The experience gave me no choice but to come forward. Over the course of many months, I documented for Project Veritas how Facebook censored conservative viewpoints and promoted leftist ideology.

When I watched Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s April 2018 Capitol Hill testimony, I noticed a stark contrast between his statements dismissing any suggestion that Facebook censored political speech and the long list of exceptions that Facebook issued to content moderators like me. It was an odd dissonance as Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress. …


Ryan Hartwig

President of the Hartwig Foundation for Free Speech.

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