Big Tech Won, What Now?

Ryan Hartwig
4 min readFeb 6, 2021


Deplatforming Trump from social media has been the goal of the radical left since he took office in 2016, and they succeeded on January 7th, 2021, together with the help of the Big Tech Four: Amazon, Apple, Alphabet and Facebook.

On November 17th, 2020 during a senate hearing, Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey asked what steps the Big Tech Four were taking to modify their algorithms to prevent “misinformation”. 4:05:05 mark

Senator Booker mentioned “personal outrage” with regards to Trump’s election disputes, and said that Trump is weaponizing social media. Booker said that even after January 20th, people could believe the election was rigged, and that Trump is lying about voter fraud and the outcome of the election. Booker claimed Trump is assaulting democracy.

He expressed his hope that social media platforms can “maintain their highest level of vigilance.” He asked if the Big Tech executives had taken steps to “modify their algorithms to ensure that blatantly false election information posted by election officials and specifically the most powerful person in the United States, Donald Trump, isn’t amplified.”

Just so we’re clear, a U.S. senator is asking if private companies are taking steps to modify their algorithm to censor the sitting President of the United States.

I lived in Mexico City in 2007 right after Lopez Obrador lost in the 2006 Mexican presidential election to Felipe Calderon. Lopez Obrador (AMLO) claimed he was the legitimate president for the next 12 years, and yet he was not censored or suppressed. Obrador claimed for years that the election was fraudulent and stolen. However, here in the United States, we are now openly censoring a sitting president.

In response to Senator Cory Booker, Zuckerberg stated “We want to distribute reliable information.” This clearly shows that Facebook is not a platform, and that they are curating information on their website under the guise of section 230.

Senator Cory Booker asked if these private companies were taking steps to modify their algorithm to censor President Trump. And these companies even went beyond that and took the ultimate censorship action: they deleted Trump off the internet, along with millions of his supporters.

On Sunday January 10th at 11:59pm EST, Amazon AWS removed Parler from its servers and it ceased to exist on the internet. Who was on Parler? Primarily Trump supporters. The reason given for the removal was that Parler was not censoring enough content, and much of the content was violent in nature.

Hello?! Where was Amazon’s wherewithal and gumption when multiple Antifa and BLM groups were razing federal buildings and organizing online to attack cities and neighborhoods? Dating back to 2017, I have access to evidence that I filmed showing Antifa was not categorized as a hate group or a criminal organization by Facebook. I moderated content for Facebook and I can tell you with certainty that Facebook prioritized threats of violence from the right over threats of violence from the left. Peaceful gun rallies were characterized as racist neo-nazi events and we were told to look out for hate speech stemming from straight pride marches.

If the Big Tech Four are so concerned about online safety, why didn’t they offer Parler their own algorithms or donate to Parler to help it stay safe? The answer is that the Big Tech Four only care about their own self-interest and monopolies.

If you’re in opposition to the Big Tech Four, you don’t land on GO, you don’t get $200, and you go directly to internet jail.

For years, the left has said in their whiny petulant voice: “Well if you don’t like Twitter and Facebook, build your own”. Well Parler did that, and then they went to internet jail for doing so. It’s like when your older brother owns all of Park Place in a game of Monopoly and there’s no way you can pay that rent. You’re fucked, and your other siblings are conspiring against you. You end up selling out for a few measly bucks.

In conclusion, Big Tech won their game of Monopoly. So what’s next in this convoluted, dystopian nightmare straight out of the pages of 1984? The states will have to fight even harder to prevent federal encroachment on civil liberties. U.S. citizens will have to take to the streets even more in the next 4 years than ever before. Millions of lawsuits will need to be filed to prevent a complete takeover by Big Tech.

Another solution is to build an alternate infrastructure. Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, is at the forefront of this push to develop a parallel universe where political viewpoints are not cause for deletion of your Paypal account.

We are so close to being shut down permanently, but we have to use our numbers to our advantage. By working together en masse we can prevent this Big Tech tyrannical takeover.